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Wood Shed with Firewood and Barn Quilt

Wood Shed with Firewood and Barn Quilt

I built this small wood shed this past summer from plans I sketched. It's a good looking design and sized for construction with ordinary lumber and a minimal amount of waste. I wanted something that would keep the bottom logs from sinking down in the ground but not closed in so it would be easy to keep clean. The floor joist are 2x4's held in place only by joist hangers for easy removal as your wood supply is used up during the burning season. The right side could also be used for wood. I elected to use it as a place to keep some outdoor items out of the weather. The entire shed would easily keep 6 cords of wood dry and ready for burning. I plan to detail the plans and put them on my blog if you would like to have a copy for construction purposes. #barn #barn_quilt #fire_wood #wood_shed #woodshed #yard_barn
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