Well, here's my first attempt at making a Brute from Halo 3. Most of the credit goes to Commandr 00M9 for the Covenant limbs. I also, want to apologize for always taking his models but, it's actually good if someone uses stuff that someone else made becuase its more like recognizing the person for their skill or something...well...I'm sorry and maybe we can collaborate sometime. I think I'll let Commander 00M9 work with the closer details since it's mostly his creation in terms of some of the armor and the boots. I adjusted the brute's size to make him abit more accurate to his nickname, "Baby Kong", as called by Marines. I made the model using, hunter, elite, and human skeleton parts. The elite was Collin L's I think and the Hunter was Commander 00M9's. I'm currently making a replica of the John-117 Memorial made by Warsock but, I'm trying to enlarge it as much as my computer can handle. I'm using screenshots from the actual memorial as reference and using as many models of war-torn cities and scenes as possible. I would appreciate it if someone made a jackal model. #3 #360 #ark #brute #bungie #covenant #finish_the_fight #flood #Forerunner #gravity_hammer #halo #john117 #master_chief #microsoft #oracle #spartan #videogame #xbox
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