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Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Mullewa (WA)

Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Mullewa (WA)

The Church of Our Lady of Mt Carmel and The Priesthouse, Mullewa were built between 1921 and 1930 by renowned priest and architect Monsignor John Cyril Hawes (1876-1956). Over time the mortar to joints of the masonry deteriorated and moisture entered the buildings. Repairs were made in the 1960s, to the walls externally by placement of a cement-rich dado, and by complete internal cement rendering of the walls to the church. Unfortunately these repairs only increased the deterioration of the masonry, and altered the appearance of the buildings. In the early 1990s the continuing deterioration of the masonry, transmission of moisture through the church floor, and increasing vandalism of windows lead the parish to seek advice on the ongoing care of the place. John Taylor prepared an assessment of the place in 1994 that led to its' entry on the State Register of Heritage Places. In 1995 John Taylor Architect prepared a conservation plan for the place to guide ongoing work, and designed and implemented window protection measures. In 1996 John undertook a masonry investigation with the assistance of a materials chemist, and since that time has directed a number of phases of masonry work that are part of the ongoing conservation of the place. These phases included removal of poorly draining, 'heavy' under-floor soil and replacement of a concrete floor; removal of bridging to the damp-proof-course; and removal of Portland cement-rich renders and mortars. #2005 #architecture #Australia #awards #Building #Heritage #institute #John #Mullewa #RAIA #Taylor #WA
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