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Roosvelt Square - Szeged

Roosvelt Square - Szeged

Péter M.
In front of the museum we can find a park, where we can see statues of some famous people, and in the middle of the park there is a fountain. Here in the park we can see the statue of Ferenc Móra, who was a famous Hungarian author and the director of the Palace of Public Education between 1917 and 1934. Here we can also see Matthias, the main figure of his novel. The statue was made by Antal Tápa. His other work is the statue of István Tömörkény, who was also a well-known short story writer at the turn of the century. In his writings he depicted the people of Szeged. From 1904 he was the director of the Palace of Public Education. In the middle we can see the bust of Kálmán Mikszáth, which was made by Lajos Ungvári. #Garden #Museum #Móra_Ferenc #Múzeum #Roosvelt #Square #tér
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