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[300TH MODEL!!]JMP Custom Autocentre

[300TH MODEL!!]JMP Custom Autocentre

DRUMROLL PLEASE!! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! ONE OF THE MY MOST ANTICIPATED MODELS OF ALL TIME, MY 300TH MODEL! Welcome to JMP Custom Autocentre. Do you want to tune your car? Do you want to make your car look brand new again? Then, why not come to us. Here we assure you our 100% very best service. We have this comfortable lounge for you to wait while we work on your car. We have also our garage to store your car during those long repairs and tuning. So, do not forget to come here and let us do your car! Thanks to all of the 3D Warehouse! CREDITS: HVAC, Trees by Google. Logos by me. Car Lifts by Mitchieboy. Venza by me and Paul B. And the rest by me. ©2011
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