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CIS Intelligence Report

CIS Intelligence Report

Warclaw (l0rd 0f w4r)
to:All UAF members From: ROC President Juan F. Salamanca and the Colombian Intelligence Service: Fellow UAF as you know Julio Hernandez has been using terrorism and drugs to make entire governments fall. Well phat cat also has the EcoTerrorism problem. New breakthroughs of intel suggests the UIN or the "peaceful" United Islamic Nation (which is based on my moon) has been paying the Hernandez Drug trade to kill my senators. 10 have been killed. and also points that the SKPS is full of blood thirsty Islamic forces. And i also found out the leader of the UIN is Ayerah Muhammed Ruuyon the son of the dead Islamo-Fascist leader Brookes Ruuyon. We need our finest commandoes and soldiers to stop this immense drug chain (which spans all of the milky way) and kill A.M. Ruuyon. to phat cat: we cannot use Project Diamond because if we destroy my moon because my energy is ocean wave energy. #UAF
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