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Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark

J. N. A.
This model is a representation (see note) of the Ark of Noah that is described in the Bible. The size and shape of this model is based on the popular understanding of the Ark's account in Genesis. For more information on Noah's Ark visit these websites: - www.creation.com - www.creation.com/noahs-flood-questions-and-answers - www.creation.com/noahs-ark-questions-and-answers - www.biblicalgeology.net/ - www.worldwideflood.com - www.answersingenesis.org (These websites are not associated me in any way) Note: Although it is accurate to the best of my knowledge, I cannot guarantee that this model is an accurate representation of Noah's Ark and should not be depended on as a source of any information. #Ark #Bible #Boat #Creation #Dinosaurs #Evolution #Flood #Global_Flood #God #Jesus #Natural_Selection #Noah #Noahs_Ark #Noahs_Flood #Ship #Truth
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