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The Slimy Blime!  (READ DESCRIPTION!)

The Slimy Blime! (READ DESCRIPTION!)

Mike G.
The Slimy Blime is sort of like •BTM's Fuzzy Buzz, but it's a blob of slime that's really cool. If you are going to use my Slimy Blime, you must give it a name (examples: Cowboy Slimy, Movie Slimy, etc.), and give credit to GHM (me). To make your own Slimy, download this model, edit it, save it as a new SketchUp file, and upload it (make sure to give credit to me). Oh yeah, and don't forget to put the tag Slimy Blime in your model. Hope you all like it! P.S. For easy editing, turn on hidden geometry by going to View > Hidden Geometry. #birdman #blob_of_slime #BTM #crystal_pepsi #custom_car_garage #eye_balls #eyeballs #fuzzy_buzz #GHM_Inc #google_guy #Guitar_Hero_Master #olay #phat_cat #slime_blime #Slimy_Blime #slimy_blimy
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