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BCIDPA- September 2007- Stage 7

BCIDPA- September 2007- Stage 7

James T.
START POSITION: Standing and facing downrange at A with hands relaxed. Load to Division Capacity. Loaded pistol placed flat on barrel with muzzle pointing down range. Concealment garment optional. STAGE PROCEDURE On the signal, retrieve pistol and engage each target with 2 rounds to the torso area only, then with 1 round to the head area only. Note to Scorekeeper: Barrel is not a cover position. Head shots may not be made first or a procedural shall be assessed. SCORING SCORING:Vickers- 12 rounds TARGETS:4 IDPA SCORED HITS:3 per target (2 torso area, 1 head area) START-STOP:Audible - Last shot PENALTIES:Procedural. 3 sec No-shoot hit. NA Failure to do right. 20 sec Failure to neutralize. 5 sec #IDPA
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