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Le Mans 24 Hours Special car GREN

Le Mans 24 Hours Special car GREN

Harry H.
In 2004, GREN, founded in 2001 by George Robert Edward Nettlestone, entered in Le Mans 24 Hours. GREN had been an unpopular car company before and Nettlestone was determined to make it one one of the populars, e.g. Audi, VW, Jaguar. There Le Mans Special came fourth, driven by Jacques Norban, tenth, by Ferdinand Krabonso and sixth, by Guido DiMario. Norban said afterwards "I was one tiny inch away from finishing in the podiums, on tiny INCH!". Nettlestone succeeded with making it popular, about as popular as Porsche. The Le Mans Special had a whopping top speed of 231 mph, and 761 bhp! It wieght was 1900 lb as it was made comepletely of carbon fibre and aliminium. Entered again in 2006, it now went 240 mph, and had 782 bhp. It was driven by the same three drivers it was like this: Norban-5, DiMario-2, Krabonso-7. Gren is, today, as popular as Vouxhall. Also, GREN, in 2010, entered in a rallying compotition, the same make but a rally car instead of race. That went 160 mph and 834 bhp. Weighing 2600 lb, the rally version came 3rd, driven by rallying champion, Olof Nebinjab. Credits: thanks to ALA-3 for the spoiler. #1900 #231 #761 #bhp #black #car #lb #Le #Le_Mans #Le_Mans_Special #Mans #mph #red #Special
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