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Asteroid Impact

Asteroid Impact

A huge asteroid, more than 50 miles wide, hurtles towards earth. Astronomers all over the glode can spot a NEO (Near Earth Object). As the asteroid aprotches the atmosphere, it egnites. The ball of rock and flames is about to hit earth. Scientists from NASA try firing rockets packed with TNT at the asteroid, they miss several times. And before you can say, "Flamin' space rock!" The asteroid hits earth. The impact turns the sky orange as ash and steam fill the atmosphere. The vaporized rock flies across the sky at Mach 14, 14 times the speed of sound. Megatsunamis wash away islands and cities as they travel across the planet. 10 hours have past and the temputures reach above boiling point. The sea starts to evaporate as moisture disappears from the air. 1% of the human population survive the apocalypse, because many people were trapped in their burning houses and offices. The tempeture dosn't drop until 1 month later. And when mankind resurfaces, what they see is horrorfying. Cities have been incinerated, cars have exploded, trees and dead, pets are rotting on the roads, and the ocean is 100 degrees F. (1 mb) (credit to the people who made the stuff) #apocalypse #asteroid #comet #die #earth #evaporation #fire #flames #heat #impact #inferno #meteorite #planets #roast #space
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