An anceint camera as used in the old, old, old, old, old, olden days. It works like this: Someone stands in front of the camera about 100 yards or so away on a bright, BRIGHT, day. The light enters the camera through the hole in the front of the box. As the box is black inside the lights only way of escape is through the glass pane at the back. This light is reflected through the glass on to the sheet of paper on the ground. The artist then traces this image (while the subject of the photo stands really still). I created this for the 3d Challenge in sketchup, you may say that I created this so that I could get out of making a proper, more intracate camera. And you'd be right! But, I think the history lesson is worth a first place at least. Thanks so much & send those socks soon!!! #3dchallenge7
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