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MM soldier

MM soldier

The basic infantry of the MM army. This one is carrying the MM assault rifle. The advanced armor they carry opens up so the MM can easily fit inside. MM don't really require armor since they are made of semi-strong magnetic metal, but they carry this kind of armor for various reasons. 1) You can never be too careful. MM are affected by stronger conventional weapons, plasma and laser weapons. 2)Like the MM itself, their armor is magnetic so weapons can be put on it. Weapons can't be put on MM without armor because their magnetic force have both + and - charges and the weapons can only support one. 3)This armor can only be put on MM. Since MM have - charges it repels the armor from binding them completely once it opens up, but put on an organic creature it could grasp them so hard that it'll probably squeeze the life out of them, give or take a few min or so. # #Armor #Assault #bind #Equipment #Gun #Helmet #Magnetic #Marble #Men #MM #Rifle #Weapon #Will
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