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Sketchyphysics  War Ship (Full Control)

Sketchyphysics War Ship (Full Control)

Marius M.
Fully Controlable Ship complete with rotatable turret,shooting cannon,engine and rudder.When You start the simulation,stop the engines as fast as you can,Then slowly accellerate.To ready the cannon move the cannon control to the right,Grab yourself a Cannonball out of the tray (from top view easiest) and drop it into the loading hole,To fire, drag the cannon bar as fast as you can to the left and watch your shot strike the nearest island house.Be Carefull with all the controls as the shot tray can fall over and the cannon is connected with two ropes and is on working wheels...Aiming the pitch of the cannon is done with the angle block bar.Have Fun!! #Cannon #Island #Physics #Sea #Ship #Shooting_cannon #Sketchyphysics #Turret
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