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Gavin D.
***DOES NOT FOLLOW THE STORY OF THE STARGATE FRANCHISE*** The BC-305 was a project put in place most like the Camelot was, in other words shortly after the Odessy's escape (Unending). It was one of the biggest Battle Cruisers the Tau'ri had made so far, seeing how the Camelot wasnt actually or offically a Battle Cruiser - If you would like me to clear things up BC = Battlecrusier, the Camelot as a ships name is the EC-101. Anyway, It has Asgard beam weapon technology, but the old Asgard shields, transporter beams and hyperdrive, but has Ancient sub-light capabilities - from the Atlantis Research. It is the newest finished vessel by the Tau'ri but the Camelot does have more advanced technology. Personal comments - I dont think this is one of my best models, or my biggest, but well I;ve had this sitting in my folder of a long time, and I thought lately models here have been a bit... basic. not that mines any better, of course its my model so i cant exactly give a fair rate on it so... rate away! #asgard #atlantis #Battlecruiser #Battleship #BC305 #Camelot #EC101 #Gemini #SG1 #SGC #space #Stargate #tauri
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