German Farmhouse, 18th century  (Hof Wehlburg)

German Farmhouse, 18th century (Hof Wehlburg)

Daniel P.
Hof Wehlburg, built in 1750 in Wehdel near Osnabrück, rebuilt in the open-air-museum in Cloppenburg. The Main house consists of a large threshing floor with sheds for cattle and pigs, a den with fireplace, several storage rooms and pantries, chambers for maids and a sitting room with alcoves for the farmer's family. I reconstructed it using fotos from the internet and my own memories from visiting. the back rooms are unfinished, since I need to revisit the place to get the right order of rooms and chambers. Thus, I cannot guarantee for authenticity. Please walk around, and don't forget to rate and comment! #18_Jahrhundert #accessible #agriculture #Bauernhaus #Cloppenburg #Fachwerk #garden #historic #Museumsdorf #Ständerwerk #walkthrough
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