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chelmno extermination camp

chelmno extermination camp

this was the frst death camp to be opened. it opend in 1940. it isnt realy a camp like auschwitz or treblinka. it was a village converted into an extermination complex. what is crue about this camp is the trick the nazis used to seduce there victums. the jews arived at the station then went to the abandoned church. here they waited untilll they could go in the (castle) the large brick building, in there were several rooms were those selected to live were kept. the majority who were not selcted to live were taken down the corridorto the vans. they were put on beliving they were going to another part of the camp 2 miles away. this was true however the vans were gas vans, and after the 20 minute drive all the jews in the van were dead. then they were cremated or buried in a clearing in a forest. this continued for 5 years and 385,000 jews and 100,000 other none jews such as disabled peple and political enemys were murderd in this horrible way, lest we forget #automobile #camp #holocaust #jews #nazi #van
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