TF2  "The Womper"

TF2 "The Womper"

Alex W.
This is another shotgun I designed for the PC game, Team Fortress 2, as a scout primary weapon. It is a classic sawed-off shotgun I made in about a day. In the game it would have excellent damage, and would hold two shells, duh. I even made a shell for the gun. Similar to the way the "soda popper" works in tf2, the "whomper" would charge up hype by the player jumping, except the "hype" is called "WOMP". When the WOMP meter reaches full capacity, the gun will blast anyone it hits up in the air and way backward, regardless if the shot kills the enemy or not. The WOMP can also be used so if a scout jumps twice while WOMPED and shoots the ground after the second jump, he will be propelled high into the air, allowing him to fly over the battle below. Please comment on this gun, I like it better than my "Boston TRI-fler." #boom #custom_shotgun #double_barrel #gun #jump #mojomodels #sawed #sawed_off #scout #sodb #tf2 #The_womper #weapon #womper
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