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Stage 5- June 2007

Stage 5- June 2007

James T.
START POSITION: Standing and facing down range at A or B, hands relaxed at sides. Load to Division Capacity. STAGE PROCEDURE: On the start signal, engage all targets in tactical priority with 2 shots to the torso area only, then 1 shot to the head area only. You may shoot the only visible target on the move to cover. T1 and T2 must be engaged from the left side of the wall. T3 and T4 must be engaged from the right side of the wall. SCORING:Vickers- 12 rounds TARGETS:4 IDPA SCORED HITS:3 per target (2 torso area, 1 head area) START-STOP:Audible - Last shot PENALTIES:Procedural. 3 sec No-shoot hit. NA Failure to do right. 20 sec Failure to neutralize. 5 sec #IDPA
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