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Future Colloseum

Future Colloseum

After the wars television, gaming and other forms of mass entertainment became unoriginal, outdated and boring. Criminal activitey dubbled as a result and people actually got up and starterd realising what had happenned to the world. To top a revoloution what was left of the goverments decided it would be in everyones best interest to re-intruduce the gladiator fights of ancient Rome. For these fights huge stadiums were erected in every survivng population centre. In these colusseums a series of bloody conflicts and public exhebitions were held to entertain the masses. They had the desired effect and the minority of people who tried to warn of what the goverment was doing was overuled by the people who thought that this should have been done a long time ago. After interstellar travel had been discovvered and the colonization of other worlds had started these sports became very popular across the local cluster and soon an interstellar league was set up. #Colluseum #future #gladiators #halo #microsoft #rome #sand #space #tournament #unreal
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