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Hand Drafted for CAD - Style

Hand Drafted for CAD - Style

2008 Style Builder Competition Participant ID # 000011 This style has the specific intention of making 2-D CAD drawings look like they are Hand Drafted. The lines for this style were created with a fine point pen against a straight edge. Having a slender ‘not-too-loose’ line along with Layout’s Line Weight option makes this successful. The Process: Import a ‘clean’ CAD drawing into SketchUp and apply this style. Then send that SU file to Layout and adjust the line weight. I have found a line weight of 0.6 seems to work well. Then you can also easily set the scale of the drawing and export a PDF. You may need to play with the amount of detail you leave in your CAD file that is imported. Too dense of lines may look too muddled. #2008_Style_Builder_Competition #CAD #Hand_Drafted #Sketchy_Style
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