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Slave I

Slave I

Originally, Slave I was a prototype police vehicle from the asteroid prison Oovo IV. There were only six of the model in the entire galaxy, all on Oovo IV. Slave I on a Kamino landing platform.While on the trail for the Dark Jedi and Bando Gora leader, Komari Vosa, Jango Fett captured Bendix Fust for the crime lord Sebolto. Fett was beaten to Fust in Desolation Alley by another bounty hunter, who then began a prison riot. After fighting his way through armed guards and prisoners, Jango made it back to his ship, Jaster's Legacy. Unfortunately, the rival bounty hunter attempted to slice into the old ship. After helping Zam Wesell defeat a horde of guards, a Firespray-class starship fired upon Jango's ship, destroying it. Acting on a tip from the elevator manager, Jango made his way into the asteroid prison's hangar bays and stole a Firespray-class vessel along with Wesell. During their escape, Jango launched several missiles into the hangar bay housing the other Firespray vessels to deny any chance of being pursued, leaving his the only ship of its type in existence. Sometime later, Jango would name his new ship, Slave I. It was not until Kuat Systems Engineering reintroduced the Firespray line several decades later that other examples of the class would again be seen. This summary or description of the Slave I is from Wookiepedia. #Boba_Fett #Jango_Fett #Pursuit_vessel #Slave_I #Space #Star_Wars
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