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EliAcoustic Bass Serenade Premiere Blanco

EliAcoustic Bass Serenade Premiere Blanco

EliAcoustic-Acoustic Decorative
Thanks to technology EliAcoustic, bass traps Bass Serenade Premiere achieve greater sound absorption in low frequencies than traditional foam bass traps. The effect of the textile coating increases the surface mass and made to behave as a bass trap membrane resonator, improving absorption in low frequencies. It´s studied geometric design is plotted for a greater thickness in its center 41.8 cm, which provides extra absorption al lower frequences than other traps bass thinner. The Bass Serenade, can be installed on the edges formed by wall-wall or wall-ceiling. This extends the possibility of treatment of low frequency in conflict zones. Installation of bass traps EliAcoustic Bass Serenade combat blur in low frequencies caused by an excess of bass in the room. The sound will be perceived more punch, depth and definition in bass. General Characteristics  Dimensions of each panel: 595.0 x 395.0 x 453.8 mm  Tear resistance: no  Washable: yes  Reaction to fire: EuroClass F  Sound absorption: High to low frequencies  Acoustic Diffusion: Low applications:  Room audio hi-end  Home-cinemas  Broadcasting  Recording and mastering studios  Auditoriums packing  Units per box: 2 units  Box Dimensions: 810 x 610 x 410 mm Description of Materials  Material: Acoustic Foam + textile cover installation  Easy to install  Location: Ceiling and wall corners  Type of mounting: Stuck #acoustic #bass_serenade #bass_traps #conditioning #eliacoustic #hiend #homecinema #sound
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