American Airlines Boeing 757-200
My (Well, Technically Not Mine) First Boeing 757 Model That I Have Compiled From Other Amazingly Talented Creators. This 1992 Boeing 757-200 Comes With Two Rolls Royce RB211-535E4B Engines. Unfortunately, In 2001, This Specific Aircraft, Registered N644AA Had Been Hijacked And Flown Into The Pentagon, Killing All On Board. My Condolences Go Out To Those Who Were Lost On That Fateful Day. A Special Thanks Goes Out To WilliamT (707's Livery) For The Fuselage, 2001Kraft For The Interior, AirbusA330 For The Cockpit, 707 For The Engines And Finally, Last But Not Least, Edonis For The Business Class Seats. Also, Thank You To Whom Ever Else's Items Were Used To Build This Magnificent Flying Machine. Enjoy!!! #911 #American_Airlines #Boeing #Boeing_757200 #Rolls_Royce #Rolls_Royce_RB211535E4B
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