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Tagliero Fiat Garage

Tagliero Fiat Garage

Completed in 1938 and designed by the Italian architect Giuseppe Pettazzi the Tagliero Fiat Garage is a masterpiece of Futurist Style Modern Architecture. From the beginning conceived as a simple petrol station, Pettazzi designed a building that resembles an aeroplane. It consists of a central tower which incorporates the office space and cashiers desk and shop. The building consists of a central tower with a pair of 15m cantilevered wings. The wings are built in re-enforced concrete and are structurally unsupported. Because of law in Italy (and therefore Eritrea — an Italian colony) during the 1930s, the wings legally had to be supported, so on the technical drawings of the building there are wooden pillars which prop up the wings. The day before its inauguration, workers who completed the construction refused to remove the supports used during construction fearing the wings would collapse. Pettazzi settled the argument by climbing to the end of one of the wings and, holding a revolver to the main builder's head, threatened to kill him if they did not remove the supports. In the end the supports were removed and the wings held, just as they do today. Restored - 2003. Category I listed. This means that not any part of the building may be adjusted in any way. Currently owned by the Royal Dutch Shell oil company. * Information from Wikipedia (I edited the entry to make sure it was historically and structurally correct) #Africa #Architecture #Asmara #Cantilever #Colony #Concrete #Eritrea #Fascist_Italy #Fiat #Futurist #Futurist_Style #Garage #Gas_Station #Italy #Landmark #Modern #Modern_Architecture #Moderne #Mussolini #Petrol_Station #Royal_Dutch_Shell #Streamline_Moderne #Tagliero #Tagliero_Fiat #Tagliero_Fiat_Garage
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