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Tract House

Tract House

It is a 40's tract house. These houses were very common in the United States in cities used mainly by the working class and incoming veterans. In this time period, there was a skyrocket in the demand for housing so many houses were needed in a short time. Tract homes were very cookie cutter so you would step out onto your porch to see a copy of your house across the street. However, the homes weren't all the same. They varied by neighborhood and time period. It was common that tract homes had 2 bedrooms but this model actually has 4. It also has 2 full bathrooms (another rare comfort)! There is a basement. I am not a fan of tract-style kitchens so I designed the kitchen. It is designed for the tabe to be right there in the kitchen. There is a wroght iron column in front along with a living room picture window. There is good clost space here. The chimney is actually the furnace vent trailing all the way to the basement. These houses most commonly found near factories or jumbled around downtown. Either way, I hope you enjoy this tract house. Please rate. For more houses and architecture, don't forget to check out my Facebook page given at the link below. #Architecture #Basement #Building #Dweling #Family_Home #House #Kitchen #Neighborhood #Old_House #Porch #Replica #Retro_House #Small_House #Stairs #Suburban_house #Tract_House #Urban_House #Worker_House
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