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Dobeliact's Modernly Dated TV

Dobeliact's Modernly Dated TV

Dobeliact has brought the the old TV style back, with a lot of modern accessories. You've got that great classic look, with real wood, all while mixing the newest things, we've added a PS3©, X-Box 360©, Nintendo Wii©, PS2©, and X-Box© for gaming, and a built in Blu-Ray player right under all of the built in Gaming Platforms. Another great thing we've added, is the FlatScreen, CrystalVision, TV, and the Remote control holer, that slides back into the TV out of sight when you don't want it, all at the push of the button. Another great accessorie, besides the Built in Wi-Fi, is the Movie Holder included. #Advance_Technology #Computers #Dobeliact #Gaming_Systems #PS3 #TVs #Wii #XBox #XBox_360
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