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Bajoran City

Bajoran City

This is the city where the winged bajorans (please see that previous model of mine) live. It is high up in the atmosphere, floating, in order to escape the hot temperatures and thick, stifling atmosphere of the planet's desert surface. The cities are built on "pedestals", and they have a lake in the center, partly to catch rainwater to drink, and partly to have fun in. BTW, please check out the organized series of collections I've made, that include all bajoran stuff i and my brother have made. And yes, Hobbnob, I did use the name "Bajoran" when I saw it in a Star Trek book. It was because the first Bajoran thing I made was the Bajoran cruiser, and it was modeled after a Bajoran sail ship. It didn't quite turn out like the pic, though... #alien #bajoran #bespin #city #deep_space_nine #house #scifi #star_trek
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