Greater Thu'ull
MASTER RACE OF THE ARCHITECT=== Greater Thu'ull are large, grub-like creatures. They are sentient and intelligent, and they represent the ruling class of the Architect of a Better Civilization. They see the humans they have conquered as an inferior race of slaves and food. --- Thu'ull have thick, blubbery skin that is alway covered with a thin coating of mucous. They move by floating through the air, but they can support themselves on their tentacles for limited periods of time. They are masters of psychokinesis, and they often use it to defend themselves and eat. They are predators by nature, and they eat by filling their victims with digestive enzymes and sucking out the resulting juices. They have begun farming humans just for this purpose. Thu'ull move slowly and with purpose, and communicate through telepathy. There is evidence that these creatures are hive-minded, since the seem to be able to communicate over any distance. They are distastefully refered to as "grubs" by their human subjects. #ABC #alien #architect #creature #Thuull
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