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Gmach Fizyki PW (Building of Physics)

Gmach Fizyki PW (Building of Physics)

Warsaw University of Technology (Geodesy)
The Faculty of Physics is located in the historical Building of Physics in Koszykowa 75 Street in the Central Campus of the University. The construction of this Building, where the first physics lectures were given by prof. Wiktor Biernacki, took place in 1899-1901. Part of the Faculty is situated in the Building of Mechatronics (Chodkiewicza 8 St, Southern Campus). Apart from the Main Building, the Building of Physics is one of the oldest edifices of the Warsaw University of Technology. Both buildings were designed by Stefan Szyller, thus their architecture is similar. The construction of the Building of Physics, located in the middle of the Central Campus of the University, took place in 1899-1901. The first inauguration of the academic year at the University took place on 18th November 1915 in the Hall of the Building of Physics. #poland #politechnika_warszawska #polska #pw #warsaw #warszawa #wut
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