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2015 Zenium Rampage J/Rampage Jade (J160)

2015 Zenium Rampage J/Rampage Jade (J160)

Humberto Añez
The Zenium Rampage J or Rampage Jade is a compact sports hatchback made by Zenium Motors. The Rampage J is positioned in the Rampage line-up as the hot hatch of the line-up. It's platform and design are based on the third generation Ford Focus but the Rampage J is shorter and unlike the Focus, it is a 3-door hatchback. This example, the base J160, features the same 1.6L EcoBoost I4 with 180hp found in the Focus, and features high efficiency headlights with incorporated high illumination xenon and reflector lights and LED daytime running lights, 17" aluminium wheels, LED tailights, back-up camera, Glass or blacked out roof options, and more. Unlike many of the Rampages, the Rampage J doesn't have any differences with it's versions, the only one that differs is the J250R, the highest performance variant of the Rampage J, which aesthetically the only changes are the hood, front and rear bumpers. The Rampage J is positioned above the Rampage F/Rampage Ferio in the line-up. It will be initially sold in U.S.A., beginning from mid-February 2014. Pricing for the J160 starts at US$ 18,720. It was revealed at the Belgium SketchUp Motor Show along with the Rampage S320, E140 and C200. All made by me. Hope you all like it, please rate and comment. #american #auto #automobile #based #car #coupé #drive #european #focus #ford #front #fwd #hatch #hatchback #hot #jade #rampageJ #sports #wheel #xrw960 #zenium
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