Rockwood Retaining Walls 5  8" Classic

Rockwood Retaining Walls 5 8" Classic

Agape Retaining Walls
This is simply a more convenient means of stacking Rockwood Retaining Walls block. This model was sketched by Agape Retaining Walls, Inc. in St. Louis, MO. It is important to note that Rockwood 8" retaining wall blocks are stacked with a 1" stepback per row. When using this model, set it down, grab the lower corner, line it up with the halfway (9") on the face of the block, then step it back 1". Once the first part of the row is set, just line it up. #Agape_Retaining_Walls #blocks #MO #natural #retaining_wall #Rockwood_8_Classic #Rockwood_Retaining_Walls #St_Louis #stones #straightface
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