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Reef Nienhagen research station

Reef Nienhagen research station

On 31 July, the research station was mounted in 12m water depth. It is located in the german baltic sea, about 1500 meter offshore near the Baltic seaside resort Nienhagen, centered in the artificial reef. The working top with 40m² is located 7m above the sea level. The research station is owned by the Federal State Institute of Agriculture and Fishery MV - Institute of Fishery. The Aims are to prove an increase of the fishing value of this sea area by creating a large-scale artificial underwater habitat. Equipped with a working container and a crane, the reasearch at the artificial reef can be accomplished. The research station is powered with autonomous and renewable energy like photovoltaik and wind energy. Three underwater cameras are recording the activities at the reef. The data is broadcast onshore via WLAN. Further realtime data like weather conditions allows the scientists to coordinate the research activities depending on temperature, wind force and swell. #artificial #baltic_sea #Deutschland #Energie #energy #erneuerbar #Forschung #germany #Habitat #künstlich #Küste #Nienhagen #offshore #Ostsee #photovoltaik #reef #renewable #research #Riff #Rostock #station #unterwasser #wind_energy #Windenergie
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