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ICE Cell Phone Tower

ICE Cell Phone Tower

Jack B. Erhart
ICE Cell Phone Tower The ICE (the state-owned telecommunications monopoly, created in 1963 after being separated from the postal service) cell phone tower has improved communications tremendously in El Castillo. Cell phone reception is now quite good, both in the village and on the southeast end of the lake. Remember that cell phones from the United States are unlikely to work in Costa Rica. However, with a local cell phone you can make both domestic and international calls. If you are calling the United States, the country code is 001, followed by the area code and phone number. When you call within Costa Rica from a local phone, you must first dial an “8” if the number you are calling is a cell phone (for instance, to call a friend’s cell phone you would dial 8-123-4567). If you are calling someone on their land line, then you must first dial a “2” (2-123-4567). #Arenal #Cell_Phone_Tower #Costa_Rica #El_Castillo #ICE #Rock_Costa_Rica
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