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700 Building

700 Building

Browne S.
West Forsyth was built in 1964 after the merger of the Winston-Salem School District and Forsyth County School District. It originally served as a new home for students of Southwest High School (now Southwest Elementary) which is located within walking distance from the campus. In the beginning, only six buildings existed at West (100-600). The early seventies brought several new additions including the track, football stadium, and tennis courts. Five more buildings have been also been built. The 700 and 900 buildings were constructed in the early eighties. The Harold B. Simpson Gymnasium, named after West's first principal, was also built during that time. The 1000 building, the only two story building on campus, was constructed last in the late nineties. Also a new auditorium has been constructed (The Performing Arts Center or PAC) replacing the old auditorium in the 600 building, which is now the band room. The 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 buildings have been remodeled. Two PODS have been put in place as well. The total budget for the overall upgrading of the facility was $10.5 million. #Forsyth #High #School #West
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