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1989 Ford E-550 | Matte372

1989 Ford E-550 | Matte372

this is the way i would build a moving van if i had the chance, time, took, and money, it has a 750 Hp- 800 ft/lb supercharged big block chevy, runs on gas, i will be making a propane version soon as soon as i have the time, this van is probley one of the most thought out hevy duty road vehicle in the ware house.its not the most confortable, its as comfrtable as riding in a ford astro van, but it get the job done. It has a 1983 land rover chassie under it that i modifyed, with some basic work rims on,i extended the box about 1/2 a foot. it has no exhaust right now, i will be getting on that ASAP (if i remember) it runs off a 6 speed tranny, no 4WD but rearwheel drive right now, i'll be getting on that as soon as i get the exhaust done. i did all the under side work and every thing, modifyed the floor (alot) raised it a bit, added a step. would be good for going light off roading i guess, later on i might add a winch, and some fog lights, but for now i think this is alright. all credits go to the respected owners of the product. [ except the concept design, that was me =) ] #ect #matte372 #van #work
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