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Fabrix Curve Systems-The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Fabrix Curve Systems-The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Fabrix™ Curved Systems can be used to create freeform fabric surfaces. The fabric tracks have a small gap cut intermittently cross-wise, to allow them to flex to the correct curvature. The panels can be made to simulate complex topographies such as convex, concave, and saddle point surfaces. Each curved panel can be made as wide as the width of the fabric and as long as the length of the fabric roll. ASTM C423-09a NRC 0.52 with 12mm Acoustic Foam NRC 0.75 with 25mm Fibreglass Wool NRC 1.00 with 50mm Fiberglass Wool #fabrix #acoustics #acousticdesign #architecture #interiordesign #parametricdesign
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