Polipo - Artistic design for living room and bathroom surfaces, art becomes the protagonist and merges with surfaces in the world of interior design, a fusion of photography and digital printing on Kerlite® slabs, becoming canvases on which digital images can be imprinted .‎‎ Subsequently, they are retouched by hand with brushes and acrylic colors, effects of precious metals and laying of the gold leaf, to give material thickness and embellish the works.‎‎ The works are then thrown into tanks with pours of transparent epoxy resins with a crystalline effect, giving depth and shine.‎‎ No longer a tile, but a large slab decorated manually and embellished with gold and the help of liquid resin, which increases the perception of colors and gold.‎‎ A way to insert art in the world of interior design, versatile artistic surfaces for all destinations, whether they are private villas, airports, hotels or enrich a bathroom, suitable for humid environments and even for luxury exteriors.‎‎ The
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