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Zulu Air Boeing 737-5ZA

Zulu Air Boeing 737-5ZA

One of three aircraft in the fleet. Short little plane though. Had to squeeze everything onto the plane. Anyways the Boeing 737-500 is making its initial debut to the airline as of 2/5/14. It will fly from Atlanta to Las Vegas Nevada. We hope to have a very simple fleet of three aircraft. 737-500, DC-9-30, and the MD83. Simple, but with a elligant livery. Or so I think. Anyways not much else to say. Thanks to AirbusA330 for the 737-500. Oh yeah I scaled it down to proper size ;) anyways comment and rate. Expect the DC9 to be up soon. Thanks! ©2014 Boeingfan727 #737500 #Boeing_737500 #Zulu_Air
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