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Pluto Class Superheavy Cargo Tug

Pluto Class Superheavy Cargo Tug

Chris H.
The Pluto Class Superheavy Cargo Tug is used exclusively to haul external cargos that are too big for the the Ceres Class Cargo Ship. The Pluto May look small, but when empty, its fusion drives can create 15G. When hauling its full load of 50 million metric tonnes, it can still reach 0.5G. However, the huge momentum created by the equivalent of over 100 empire state buildings traveling at such speed means the craft needs to exit its final hyperspace jump millions of miles from the destination and commence braking at up to 2G all the way in. #battle #cargo #conflict #fight #heavy #life #planet #pluto #ship #star #stars #starship #tug #war #wars
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