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halloween church (caution, contains BLOOD)

halloween church (caution, contains BLOOD)

Eos P.
In this deconsacrated church the most horrible things are happening. Start the sketchyphisics simulator, press C, and enter inside (using arrows + qaz) to explore the place. But if the main door closes, you must discover all the creepy secrets, the hidden passages, and activate all the traps to find your way outside. This is not only a "trick or treat" halloween game, so prepare for a little scare. CARE: the model is a bit big, and you may need a good computer to enjoy the game. P.S.: latest sketchyphisic is here: #blood #church #creepy #demons #game #ghost #horror #labirint #maze #poltergheist #sketchy #sketcyphisic #spooky #trap
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