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Sketchyphysics density test - questions answered

Sketchyphysics density test - questions answered

Dan D.
Balls and trapdoor from my Sketchyphysics density proof set on balance scales to test relative weights. They were not behaving as I expected. The model outlined some of my questions. BTM and Acosmicist nailed the answer --- The mass and CG of a group is based solely on the outermost bounding box, not on the contents. My attempt at higher density by grouping 2 identical balls failed. The weight of my heavy balls is indeed heavier, but only because by happy accident Sketchup drew my nested sphere with a tilted axis. That tipped the bounding box of the sphere, forcing a larger outer bounding box when I grouped the 2 inner spheres. My heaver ball is heavier because it's bounding box is larger, not because it's more dense. #balance #ball #center_of_mass_bug #density #rolling_ball_sculpture #scale #Sketchyphysics #sorter #weight
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