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Wexxian R.I.T. Generator

Wexxian R.I.T. Generator

Jack Zetter
The RIT generators where invented by the Oifan-Umtag, and later continued by the Wexxians. RIT stands for "Remote Instantaneous Transportation." A RIT Generator basically creates a wormhole from itself to another vessel (or a group of vessels) then closes their end (with the vessels now inside the half-wormhole). Then it opens the wormhole up somewhere else. Wexxian RIT Generators are unmanned, and work by remote connection to the station computer. The Stations are powered by a single Zero-Point generator and the stations are so powerful that three of them working in unison can transport a planet. The Wexxian method of folding space is by graviton manipulation, so the Wexxians can use their stations for many other uses than RIT transportation. The Wexxians have made sure that nobody except themselves can use the stations to anything except RIT. Therefore foreign ships simply open op communication to the station; relays their current coordinates and their destination coordinates. The station then withdraws the transportation fee from the targets bank account and takes care of the calculations and the jump procedures. The profits from the transportation fee, goes to the rebuilding of the Wexxian nation and charity. Length: 200 Kilometers. (Not to scale) #RIT #RIT_Generator #Station #Wexxian
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