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Template - Boeing 737 MAX 8

Template - Boeing 737 MAX 8

Boeing has built 20 737 MAX 8's for testing with airlines. 10 will go to Central Air Lines (with 707's permission), and the other 10 will serve V2 Airlines. Each month, the testing airline will send data on the 737 MAX 8 back to Boeing. The data will be a comparison (of many different areas, like fuel efficiency, type of fuel, amount of fuel burned, etc.) between the MAX 8 and the airline's existing normal 737-800. V2 and Central will lease the MAX 8's until 2017. First 737 MAX series plane on the Warehouse. Thanks to nuclearkitten and 707. EDIT: Changed the winglets to the new, final design. #800 #737 #B737 #Boeing #MAX #MAX_8
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