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Skum Acoustics - Schäck WD - Wooden acoustic panel

Skum Acoustics - Schäck WD - Wooden acoustic panel

Skum Acoustics
The SCHÄCK WD acoustic panel is a sound-absorbing panel with a pleasant, wooden-finish aesthetic design and high acoustic performance. Based on our SCHÄCK acoustic panel with an acoustic foam centre, it includes a series of reflective wooden strips that reduce excess absorption at high frequency, correcting the reverberation time of the room at medium-low and medium frequencies without losing the brightness of the room. SCHÄCK WD is the perfect acoustic panel for the acoustic treatment of home studios, recording rooms and professional environments. It corrects reverberation in the room and enables the precise control of first reflections, therefore achieving a clearer, more defined and more professional acoustic setting. Wooden acoustic panel for home studios, panels of 60 x 60 cm (53 mm thick). Boxes of 6 units to cover up to 2.16 m2. Color marron or cerise. Optimal acoustic performance from 315 Hz to 3.15K Hz. by Skum Acoustics #absorbente_acústico #absorbente_sonido #absorbeur_acoustique #absorbeurs_de_son #absorvedor_de_som #absorvente_acústico #absorção_de_som #acondicionamiento_acústico #acoustic_absorber #acoustic_treatment #acoustical_foam #espuma_acústica #mousse_acoustique #Skum_Acoustics #sound_absorber #sound_absorption #traitement_acoustique #tratamento_acústico #tratamiento_acústico
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