Soap Box Derby Boynton Beach, FL Champion  (1969)

Soap Box Derby Boynton Beach, FL Champion (1969)

Bill Wrigley
A 1969 Soap Box Derby racer driven in the Boynton Beach, Florida local race by Champion David Tyrrell, Jr.. Victory there qualified young David to advance to the All-American Championship in Akron, Ohio later that summer. This crouch forward racer was an interesting design, made unique by a rhino-like horn over the nose of the car. The body itself was considerably taller than most, at a reg maximum of 28" in height; most cars in 1969 averaged 18". Indeed when David ran his heat, the starting gate had to be adapted to reach the horn. The curvilinear body had a smooth forward apron over a reverse-teardrop plan, but had no rear apron that fully enclosed the occupant, who sat rearward atop the back axle. The rear axletree was delta-winged in shape. This model is created from black and white photographs, so color is a guess. The car is equipped with the All-American Championship wheels, painted gold for 1969. Livery on the car body shows the sponsor and car number at the All-American.
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