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Lufthansa (2012) - Airbus A340-311 - Star Alliance

Lufthansa (2012) - Airbus A340-311 - Star Alliance

D-AIGC "Wilhelmshaven" /// One of Lufthansa's Star Alliance logojets. Wore the special "15 Years" Star Alliance livery all of 2012, the aircraft still sports the regular SA livery currently (although no 15 Years logo). One of my more detailed models. I'm quite satisfied to be honest. Also - this is my last model for about 3-4 days (probably nothing until Friday or Saturday this week, not even ratings) since I've got finals the rest of the week. As soon as finals end, summer vacation starts, so then I will be a lot more active. Thanks to AirplaneNerd, dizzyHARSH, Mr. Lion, and leosmesc. #300 #311 #15 #A340 #Airbus #Alliance #DAIGC #Deutsche #Livery #Lufthansa #Special #Star #Years
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