chance vought F4U-1 Corsair PART ONE  (wings)

chance vought F4U-1 Corsair PART ONE (wings)

behind this picture are the wings of my F-4U corsair model. I was forced to upload this model in sections due to its rediculousle lare poly count. to finish the mosel, simply download both parts (1and 2) and move the wing section into place using the gidelines on the feusalage section and the partial wing outline in section two. combine the two pats into one component to lock the model in place. unfortunatly i am finding this model extreamly dificult to upload. So far i have been trying to upload it for about a month, but it still does not want to go. i think there must be a glitch in the feusalage section. #aircraft #airplane #aviation #chance #corsair #F4U1 #fly #one #part #tesler #vought #wing #WWII
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