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Jet Concept WITH FRAME

Jet Concept WITH FRAME

Teh Little 1
So looking around warehouse, you find ZERO uploads of a jet of any sort with an internal frame. So I decided to make one! Haven't been on here awhile and this is actually a project I started working out about 4 years ago, and it's been on/off ever since. I based the design on the Russian SU-37 Flanker. Everything is original except for the pilot which is included. I downloaded him as a reference of size. I started working on the cockpit and barely started on the landing gear. I've even made an anti-personnel cannon under the right wing. There are a ton of components of which this is made up of, so if you are seriously considering finishing this, you might want to find out what those components are and break them apart to get a feel for the design. If you are planning on uploading this, please give credits to me because I'm awesome and making this was really time consuming. Oh yeah, don't forget to use X ray, there's some cool stuff in the turbines :)
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