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Band saw resaw fence and feather board

Band saw resaw fence and feather board

John B.
For either resawing thick lumber into narrow lumber, or shaving-off thin layers to make veneers, resawing requires a steady hand to make consistent cuts. This model illustrates a stable re-saw fence and feather board design that will hold any flat lumber flat against the fence while you push it thru the cutting process, keeping your mind on safety instead of keeping pieces from falling out of position. The feather board(s) are large enough that a typical 14-inch band saw does not have a large enough table to support them, so a table extension is clamped to the factory table. This is easily removed after the resaw operation. This system works great in the shop. Thanks to zero9999 for his drawing of the clamps, and woodworking instructor David J Marks of the School of Fine Woodworking in Santa Rosa (Northern), California, for his ideas on the fence and feather boards. #band_saw #band_saw_fence #band_saw_precision #band_saw_safety #feather_board #featherboard #re_saw #re_saw_fence #re_sawing #resaw_fence #resawing #resawing_fence
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